Berlin Ticket Giveaway – Born Gold and Kuhrye-oo

This is a last minute call for my Berlin readers and u better be excited about it! I give away two spots for the Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble) and Kuhrye-oo event on Wednesday May 16 (Naherholung Sternchen), presented by my dear friends of NFOPShameless/Limitless and Spoon Train. This night will be a complete Canadian take-over and who’s our fave Canadian gurl at the moment? Right, future pop princess Grimes and she luvs to support her guys! Born Gold served as opening act on her US Tour and Calvin McElroy aka Kuhrye-oo recently did some serious ghetto dancing together with Grimes on his video for For The Fame II.

Send me a juicy line at info @ and if u r lucky enough u get a place on the guest list +1 for ur precious! Deal?


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