Bacardi Oakheart – Stretch & Burn Live

LHR -> LAX. Hmmm, sounds like fun going on a trip to Los Angeles with yr buddies, even for just one day, right?  Add some luxury VIP treatment to it and that’s the definite glamorous Hollywood experience Europeans r always imagining in their smalltown brains. Buuuuut what if uv been invited by Bacardi Oakheart? Oh boy, ur about to get srsly punk’d!

Four London lads; Mike, Steve, Matt and Andy head to glamorous Los Angeles for a day of VIP luxury. What they don’t know is their chauffeur is a professional Hollywood stunt driver about to spice up the ride. Four guys, one limo and one wild driver to take them on the wildest stunt and drifting experience of their lives.

Wanna be part of the Bacardi Oakheart competition and win some BBQ-sets, PS3s and stuff? U need a group of 3 bros and u will get asked 5 questions a week, do as many as u can to collect as many points as possible. Currently Bacardi Oakheart is in week 4, that means 6 more weeks to go. Join on Facebook now!

sponsored by Bacardi


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