Moons – Bloody Mouth / Waves at Night

I hardly remember what happened this week. Did I good, did I bad? I mean if I can’t tell, who else? And why am I asking myself stupid pathetic questions? This is a music blog, right? Right! Here we go. There’s this song “Waves at Night” by Moons on my speakers and it’s playing for days now. I really rly can’t stop listening to it and it’s all Brian’s fault. He send me an email couple of weeks ago to announce his first official release on his own vinyl label. He said he’s a young sexy American or was it actually he’s young and living in sexy America? I dunno, both is sexy and I think that boy got some balls and most of all, one damn good first release! You have to check out a and b-side of Moons’ debut single. Grab yr very own 7″ over at No Recordings, limited to 250 copies. My order’s coming any minute Brian ; )


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