Allah-Las – The Old, Weird America

It’s said that garage rock band Allah-Las sound like the old, weird America, in particularly the old, weird Los Angeles. It makes sense, when you consider that the band was founded in a record store in L.A. in 2008. They must have spent a lot of time in the stash researching records from the 60’s. When you listen to their self-titled debut album, you see it. Four boys that absorbed the sound of an entire generation. Also, whoever recorded that did a brilliant job on it and must have a studio, unique and antique enough to re-create the 60’s sound in this density. Please have a listen to a few songs of their debut album. I hope you like.

  1. I like! I didn’t know them before but I kinda randomly ended up at their gig on Friday in Groningen. I don’t know why but it was for free… Except for the 1,50 month ticket you need to get for that venue. Score!

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