Jogging House – Longings EP

Life’s super busy right now and every musician that has the guts to interrupt me should be named here. I’m actually grateful for every email I don’t have to delete and that’s enhancing my day. So give some love to Jogging House, a lo-fi rnb music project by Boris Potschubay from Frankfurt, Germany. He just released his third EP Longings on Monday, six tracks that do things to you, you shouldn’t miss. Jogging House described them in a few lines…

When I see you, my mind starts to wander and I’m thinking, you could be my this, my that, my everything. 
I swear, I’d love 2 love u. But for some reason, I won’t talk to you. I don’t know why, it’s just that thing I do. So please don’t go away and leave me here. Because I might love you and you might love me, too. And if we give it some time, you could be my woman and I could be your man.

Digital copy’s available via Bandcamp, just name your price and name it good! Also for tape lovers, there’s a limited edition of 50, via Noorden. Yay.

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