Cough Cool / Johnny Hawaii SPLIT TAPECough Cool / Johnny Hawaii SPLIT TAPE

Today Hands In The Dark (Records) hit me up with their first tape release, a split between Philadelphia’s Cough Cool and Marseille’s Johnny Hawaii. It’s also a co-release with Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar, available tomorrow January 3. Limited edition of 100 tapes.

Dan Svizeny aka Cough Cool is a two-sided sheet. On one hand he makes (super) soft shoegaze and on the other he builds extreme heavy sound collages. In his own words “downercore bedroom-pop nuggets pulled from the ether of teenage memories and adult disappointments. Slow moving song mantras. Itchy frustration and sleepy ambition.” I picked #5(tape) “Plastic Jewelry” for you. Play Off!

Cough Cool – “Plastic Jewelry
[haiku url=”″ title=”Plastic Jewelry”]

Johnny Hawaii is better known under his secret code name Surfing Smurf. Without a question he has a great feel for dreamy surf music, psychedelic tones and nostalgic summer vibes. Check out #6(tape) “Drivin’ Down To The Beach“.

Johnny Hawaii – “Drivin’ Down To The Beach
[haiku url=”″ title=”Drivin’ Down To The Beach”]

I’m still not at the end. NFOP‘s Henning premiered “Disney Again” from Cough Cool today. A close up of a paint box?

Cough Cool – Facebook
Johnny Hawaii – Facebook


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