You Are Minez

Filmmaking keeps Tyler T. Williams sane and his work keeps his fans sane. With his outstanding music videos for Coma Cinema, Youth Lagoon and Pandit, Tyler built up a remarkable fan base around the globe. After a break he’s back with a new film and I was able to send him a few questions on his latest work “You Ae Minez“, a 3-track short/music video. Watch it after the Q&A.

IANS: It’s been nine months since your last video (Youth Lagoon – July). What were you up to? Blogs really missed yr work!

TYLER: Oh, just a little hiatus. I just wasn’t really feeling some of the projects I was getting approached to do. It’s difficult for me to create a story around music that doesn’t provoke emotion or a certain feeling.

IANS: This is the first short I’ve seen from you. You’re done with “one song” music videos? Maybe bored of it?

TYLER: I’ll probably do more “one song” videos, but I definitely want to keep telling stories and usually 2-3 minutes doesn’t allow for a story to fully develop.

IANS: What’s easier to direct/edit? Short or music video?

TYLER: I guess it all depends on the project. Sometimes a music video can be grueling with the cuts and at the same time a short film has audio editing to do as well, which I learned on this past project is a lot of work.

IANS: Say something about The You Are Minez. How do you know each other?

TYLER: Jean Sebastien Audet first approached me under his Faux Fur moniker to do a video about a year or 2 ago. The kid is a genius at only 16yrs old. I was just a skate rat at that age. haha

IANS: What was first? Your idea for the short or his music?

TYLER: He recorded one track at first and I had an idea initially that matured into a long form project and mentioned he should send a few more over to make it more than a typical music video.

IANS: The dancing scene reminded me of Michael Madsen’s performance in Reservoir Dogs. Where do you get your inspiration in general?

TYLER: Haha, funny you mentioned that. I actually heard that after someone viewed my film. I didn’t even remember that scene when I was working on this project, it just all came together. I thought the dancing was a great character trait when he basically “lets go” and has reached climax with his habit and everything is joyous. The second character is symbolizing himself and how he is beating his self up battling this habit which leads to his own death “walking into the light”.

IANS: What’s next? A feature film?

TYLER: Nothing is set, but I’m definitely looking down that horizon.


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