The xx – Angels (unofficial)

U know Ima friend of found footage videos and I know lots of people r making fun of it and just don’t get the fascination or the need of it. I admit The xx is the last band on earth that needs a fan-made video but for ma embedding strategies in features and visual appeasement, this one is more than appreciated. The xx – “Angels” by toni tapeless.

Footage :: Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1967)

A team of astronauts landing on venus. They explore the surface to find venusian life. But something is going wrong. So they have to cancel their mission.

This film was shown in “Pathe” color, which is essentially just a method of placing color filters over a black and white film. Consequently, the color that you see is not the true color of the sets but instead represents an “interpretation” of a black and white original.


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