Pressed And – Blue NoonPressed And – Blue Noon

Stephanie Cafarella is “the queen of hipster videos“? That sounds just wrong! As if anyone could know from a fan made video that you’re a hipster? This is the same as when people say that I’m a hipster because I live in Berlin – Mitte. Just say nothing, if you are unable to appreciate an ambitious work. The Like button is made for you, use it! Back on track! Stephanie did a lovely job on the Pressed And video for “Blue Noon” using some rad sci-fi trash footage with lots of hot blonde Amazon chicks. What I love about making fan videos is to create a new story, to alianate a (short)film into something new. Or maybe it’s just the task to put a feature film in a 3 minute music video, to get the best out of it and I think that connects me with Stephanie and that’s why I love her (stuff) so much. Head over to her vimeo channel and honor the queen of hipster videos.

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