Popstrangers – What Else Could They Do?

I could give you so many reasons why I want to go back to New Zealand and I just found out about another one: I don’t know anything about the kiwi music scene. The Auckland based grunge pop band Popstrangers are proof enough to me, there has to be more than the music by Don McGlashan and Julia Deans or bands like The Ladykillers. For garage rock loving starters like me Popstrangers are the perfect first pick to get sucked into New Zealand’s alternative rock scene. They’ve just hit NZ’s record stores with their debut album Antipodes that you can stream in full below the video for their single “What Else Could They Do?“.

Stream in full, Popstrangers’ debut album Antipodes, out now via Carpark Records.

  1. I was once in your shoes. For a long time after I moved to NZ, I had no idea what the kiwi music scene was actually like, and assumed Crowded House and Dave Dobbyn were a fair representation of the country’s output. How wrong I was…
    In fact, it was only really when I moved back to Ireland later that I truly pursued the genius emanating from those two islands sitting to the right of Australia. Check out one of the Flying Nun documentaries on YouTube and sort yourself out with some of their compilations as a primer – The Clean, The Chills, The Bats, The Verlaines, The Dead C, The Gordons, Bailter Space, Blam Blam Blam, Jean-Paul Sartre Experience and Chris Knox: musical gods all.
    Even more recent acts like The Phoenix Foundation, Shocking Pinks, Street Chant, Dimmer, The Subliminals, Connan Mockasin, The Mint Chicks (and offshoot Unknown Mortal Orchestra), The Ruby Suns and Die! Die! Die! make many of the sounds that come out of Ireland seem very piddly indeed.
    I know this just looks like a big meaningless list of random NZ bands, but it’s not – it’s a big list of genuinely brilliant NZ bands. I’ve long lamented the fact that we don’t have the same level of quality coming out of Ireland, though I think the past few years have seen that unfortunate situation change a bit.
    As you can tell, I’m a bit of an evangelist for NZ music. Listen to it! Listen to it all!

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