Naadyn – White Horse

Naadyn? Don’t worry, that’s not just another new project that I’ve conjured up from the depths of the interwebz. U all know her very well and luv her deeply. Naadyn is the new name of Nadine Platzek, formerly known under her moniker Tape3000. She has written a few lines about this change…

When I started my band “Tape3000″ in 2007 I had absolutly no idea where it will take me to. The name was given by a drawing of a little cassette, holding a rainbow in its hands and the 3000 stood for a fancy future. My music changed. I finally found what my sound should be like. But the name feels more like an old idea. Makes me feel like giving a new age a new name: Naadyn

Listen to Naadyn’s new track “White Horse“, it is the definite sound Naadyn was looking for and she really fascinates me anew. Well done Nadine <3

Naadyn – Soundcloud


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