Home Recording: Mount Kimbie ziehen bei ihren Fans ein


Anthony Dickenson war beim neuen Mount Kimbie-Video verantwortlich für Idee und Umsetzung. “Home Recording” ist ein sehr persönliches Video geworden, vor allem durch die unglaubliche Nähe zu den Fans. Anthony Dickenson fasst zusammen:

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to work with Mount Kimbie. I have been a fan for some time now. 
After they approached me i submitted an idea and, using there facebook page, we chose a number of fans and their homes as subjects for a series of motion portraits. I really loved the idea of bringing the outside world into peoples homes and fusing environments and people together with this technique.

Whilst shooting over four days I think what surprised me the most was the similarities in character between the fans we met. There was a real sense of warmth and thoughtfulness in all of their attitudes.. I think that says a lot about the music they listen to. Enjoy!


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