Haleek Maul – FrauleinHaleek Maul – Fraulein


Hallek Maul is a 15-year old rapper from Brooklyn and seems to be very obsessed with my language(German), his recent tracks are titled “Fraulein” and “Teufel“. I take that as a sign of great interest in language and maybe he’s tired of rapper’s who are repeating their meaningless lines for over 15 years by now. Actually I am and it’s great to see where HipHop’s moving in the last couple of months. It’s getting back to be a recognized form of expression. For his new track “Fraulein” Hallek Maul teamed up with found-footage genius Jamie Harley. Jamie used footage of the silent movie Lot in Sodom from 1933. A 23 minutes feature about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. via

prvsly: Haleek Maul – “Teufel

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