Book on How to Change: Auf Entdeckungstour mit Hand Habits

Bedroom-Alben sind vor allem eins, intim und angenehm zugänglich. So auch das Debut der Songwriterin Meg Duffy aka Hand Habits. Kevin Morby beschreibt ihr Erstlingswerk mit diesen Worten: Wildly Idle feels incredibly intimate, like a secret between her and the listener. It hits soft, like warm water, and before you know it it is all around you – a bath, and Meg’s whisper has made its way inside you.

Widly Idle ist seit Februar erhältlich. Und daraus jetzt als Video erschienen, ‘Book on How to Change‘.

Regisseurin Chantal Anderson – “The film is a visual exploration of identity, youth and place set in a small town in the Eastern Sierras accompanying Hand Habit’s transcendent song, “Book on How to Change.” Through the gaze of a young woman we see the characters and quotidian moments of her life pass, as she walks out of town and metaphorically out of the confines of her identity and space. The ending is open to interpretation—real or imagined— she exchanges the narratives of her past for an awakened expression of self.


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