The Kills // Satellite

The Kills – Satellite by DominoRecordCo

Satellite” – Die erste Single aus dem kommenden The Kills Album Blood Pressure! Erscheinen soll die Platte am 4. April in UK. Erster Eindruck ist irgendwie so okayisch.

For the sessions that became Blood Pressures, Jamie and Alison returned to Key Club Studios, Michigan where they reunited with Midnight Boom engineers Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins. Produced by Jamie Hince, the album was mixed in London by Tom Elmhirst.

For fans of the street hassle swagger and sass that has come to be associated with The Kills, it’s all still alive and well in their new material, but with an added depth and thoughtfulness which is undoubtedly reflected in the, at times, frankly heartbreaking lyrics. The Kills haven’t disposed of their edgy rock identity, they’ve merely built upon it and created something even more special.

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