Sean Nicholas Savage – Naturally (Lyrics Video)


Achtung! Akute Hirn- und Hinschmelzgefahr! Der kanadische Balladenkönig Sean Nicholas Savage präsentiert eine neue Single mit dem Titel “Naturally“. Mit elf weiteren Songs gespickt erscheint SNS’ neues Album Bermuda Waterfall am 13. Mai auf dem in Montreal sitzenden Label Arbutus Records, wo auch die goldigen TOPS, Doldrums und Blue Hawaii untergebracht sind.

“much of the words to bermuda (which i feel are the center piece) were written whilest travelling between one place i loved and another place/people i loved, and trying to describe my most potent dreams related to my most potent life experiences.

there was a feeling of disappointment in communication with the people that i’m calling out to connect with through my performances and travels in the last year, a feeling of loneliness.

i had to have faith with the meanings of the poetry because more then ever it was lifted from my life often without being understood, only knowing that they were events, truths i admired, truthfully complex as anything so haunting can be interpreted in so many ways, like any dream funny or sexual, or horrifying. not so much knowing the reasons, but just the experiences as mysterious as they are to me. i promise that i was as straight forward with the words as possible in describing these nuances.

full of yin and yang, and just sitting back and taking a look at my life, something i’m happy with, and came naturally in the words of which i intended for the first time nothing. i’ll have to wait a few years before i understand exactly whats going on in the record, in this time in my life, and i’m alright with that, cos i’m into mystery ” – Sean Nicholas Savage

Photo by Angus Borsos


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