Paperfangs – Bathe In Glory

It’s a happy new year for Helsinki based record label Soliti and here’s why. First official release in 2013 has been announced with Paperfangs debut album Past Perfect. I honestly thought Paperfangs already released a full-length. A great song like Books has to be on a proper release, it’s one of my fave gems! Dear Soliti, that was a call for help. Vinyl or mp3, please holla at me.

Back to Past Perfect – There’s actually a reason that we had to wait. Some words by Paperfangs on making a debut album.

“We started planning our debut album in early 2012. Instead of using our old tracks and ideas, we wanted to build everything from scratch. From early on we had a clear vision of making it a concept album: one about layers and stories that will open up differently to everyone.”

Listen to “Bathe In Glory“, first page taken from Past Perfect, available February 22nd via Soliti.


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