Jim James – Know Til Now

I never was a big fan of rock and roll band My Morning Jacket. It’s just because I was too young in 1998 to hop on the MMJ-train and later my musical interests developed in another direction. But I’d like to take the connection train with Jim James‘ new solo project. After 15 years and six studio albums, MMJ’s lead singer wants to move on, as a person and as a musician. The fact to play all instruments by himself and record them, really excites James. He wanted his first solo album to sound like from a different place in time, like a hazy dream of the future’s past. With Regions of Light and Sound of God James converted his visions into a nine-track album peppered with styles and sounds, that won’t be lost in the future. It’s a taste of everything, old-school R&B, funk, folk, pop and instrumental.

Listen to “Know Til Now“, first taste of Jim James solo album Regions of Light and Sound of God, out on Feb 4 via V2 Records.


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