Allah-Las im Interview + Tour in Deutschland


Janos und ich sind schon den ganzen Tag in heller Vorfreude auf den heutigen Abend und meine Ohren glühen bereits, weil ich seit Stunden nichts anderes mehr höre als “Worship The Sun” – das neue Album der Allah-Las. Die Kalifornier befinden sich zurzeit auf Deutschland-Tour und machen heute Halt im ausverkauften C-Club in Berlin, bevor es morgen nach München und danach zum letzen Stopp nach Wiesbaden geht. Für IANS haben sich die Jungs vor der Show noch kurz die Zeit genommen, um ein paar Fragen über verrückte Konzerterlebnisse, ihr neues Album und analoge Inspirationen zu beantworten.

Hey guys! First of all, I can’t wait to see you playing C-Club tonight! I’ll never forget the last time I saw you at Festsaal Kreuzberg. One month later, the building, and one of my favorite venues burned down completely. Did you know about that?

We did. So sorry to hear about that. Was a wonderful place with wonderful people and a strong history. Sad to see that happen.

Besides that incident, what was the craziest thing that ever happened to you after or during a show?

Hard to say really. We’ve played so many shows. For the first 2 years before we had anything recorded we played 2 or 3 shows a week or more around Los Angeles. We played a show in Lourmarin castle in South France. After the show we celebrated in the dungeon/wine celler and then slept in the castle like kings. Was pretty crazy for us. So beautiful.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?

Seeing new places, meeting new people everyday and playing music every night.

It’s been two years since the release of your self­-titled debut. How have you changed musically and as a band regarding your new album “Worship The Sun”?

New arrangements, new themes, new instruments, new feelings, new environments, new art, new studios, new ideas, new influences. Same band, same process, same love. We feel we’ve grown with “Worship The Sun” and we’ll keep growing.

I read you were able to play with lots of beautiful analogue devices while recording in the studio. Is this something that especially influenced the album?

Our sound kind of evolved from growing up together, always sharing music and playing live as much as we could. Something about tape, man, it’s just right. Right for us at least.

When watching the videos for “501­-415” and “Buffalo Nickel” you can definitely see that you guys are analogue lovers. Not to mention your Instagram account which became kind of a daily source of inspiration for me. Where did you get all the images and inspiration from?

Both of those videos were done by our close friend, Robbie Simon. He’s very talented. Check out his work: Matt curates the instagram and website. The pictures are from his archives:

Well, keep it up guys! I’m looking forward to more creative music videos and artwork in the future! And last but not least, I have one final question: what does “501-­415” mean?

That’s a secret.

Thanks for the interview! See you tonight!


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